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Before Civil War rocked the nation, one young woman fought for the freedom to follow her heart. 

After the death of her mother, Emma works tirelessly to honor her memory by caring for her Da and two brothers. Her workload is a hefty one, which leaves no time for such luxuries as being courted by a suitor. Lonely,  Emma seeks comfort in knowing she’s doing right by her family and her Lord.   

But when a handsome young man rescues Emma from a scoundrel, his noble act awakens feelings within her that she never knew existed. Suddenly, her life is filled with laughter and joy—as well as a cloud of worry that this new bliss will end. 

The changes in Emma’s behavior do not go unnoticed by her family, and soon create civil unrest all their own. Unbeknownst to her, they’ve made arrangements for her future that won’t include love. 

Struggling to decide if she should follow her heart or accept the fate her family has chosen for her, Emma prays for God to show her His will. Will her path burn bright enough to melt away doubt? Or will truth be found in the shadows?

A Few Reviews for Shadows

I desperately hope that Mrs. Nelson writes a sequel! Paliden (

I had to keep reading because I had to know what happens. -Books and Morsels

I was completely enchanted by this story. -Black words-White pages

From multi-award winning author, Jules Nelson, comes the heart wrenching journey Road Home.

Sometimes the road home is a twisted, path…

Emma and Thane thought their first year of marriage would be a time of establishing home and family. However, rumors about Thane’s father have cast a shadow of disapproval over him throughout the entire community. Eager to uncover the truth for the sake of his wife and his own peace of mind, Thane goes in search of his Pa.

Left behind to care for their farm, Emma must embrace pioneer life by battling wild animals and vicious snowstorms. Her husband’s return is a welcome relief… until his long lost grandmother arrives and stirs up more trouble within the town.

Tensions soon turn to accusations, threatening the peace the young couple so desperately seek. While preparing for the birth of their baby in a community eager to be rid of them, Emma seeks God’s guidance to light their path home.

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