.. a long road… 

A year ago, I was so proud because my first novel, Shadows, was finally published and was LIVE for sales.. At the time, I thought that the long road to publishing was finally over..

Man was I naive..

Publishing is just the first leg of the journey for book writing. Then comes marketing.. And getting reviews.. And recognition..

..sound exhausting?

It is..

But it is rewarding too..

When Shadows placed as a Finalist in 2 categories of the 2015 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.. I was so happy.. (Yup.. I cried)…


As I move into my second year of marketing for Shadows.. And finishing up the sequel (Road Home).. I am looking for feedback..

.. In the comment section below, tell me what you think stands out about Shadows.. What you think of the cover.. Positives or negatives.. As long as your comments are constructive, then they will be helpful!

If you would like to get a free copy of Shadows in return for an honest review.. Send me an email..

If you haven’t read Shadows and would like to.. Click below!!

Amazon,  Barnes & Nobles or Jules’s storefront.

Have a Blessed Day and enjoy whatever you are reading…


One thought on “.. a long road… ”

  1. you already know what I think but … I love the dialogue and accent, I think that Emma’s relationships and conversations reflect her personality, I think that mark needs a little more character development in the next book because of the changes in his and his family’s life is he going to be hot and temperamental or eventually simmer down I’m going to be honest sometimes James can be confusing he has expressed his love from Emma and now knows that she is married how yet is still friends with Mark how will he except his new slightly more distant role in Emma’s life and you’ve heard me say it before but I shall say it again THANE AND EMMA LOVE EACH OTHER HAVE THEM SHOW IT. I mean that in the nicest way possible as a fangirl and a romance reader I believe that I speak for many readers when I say that sometimes cute hugs forehead kisses and hair whispers are the best parts and helps develop the relationship in the story it’s like a win win win win win situation you know? Good I’m glad we had this talk 😘❤️


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