Feeling good .. 

So I don’t usually like to post pictures of myself.. (I don’t really photograph well anyway.. As is the evidence in the pictures included).. And I don’t put much stock in physical appearance .. But today I have decided to make an exception..

6 months later

Some of my friends have been following my journey over the last year.. Some have followed it since further back.. I have some of the best supporters .. And I have some skeptics in my life..

But here is the truth of my journey..

My whole life I have fought with eating and being hungry.. But in a different way then usual. You see? I am never hungry and would often forget to eat until evening. If I forgot to eat 3 meals a day?? Well then I would gain anywhere between 1-3 pounds a DAY.. It was very frustrating for me.

While I lived in Missouri a doctor started treating my thyroid and it helped some.. Until the meds stopped working..

This last summer I finally went to the nutritionist that I take my kids to. He tested me for food intolerances and vitamin deficiencies .. Among others.. And he suggested a different approach to treating my thyroid.

I won’t give you the LONG story (unless you ask).. but 6 months later? 6 months later I feel great..

I have people who tell me the “fuss” isn’t worth it.. I have others who say I look amazing and to keep it up..

But to me? Not feeling sick when I eat.. Having more energy?? That is all that matters!! Being skinny isn’t important to me.. And having people tell me I look good is only mildly rewarding..

What does matter is when a friend told me my eyes looked clear and “alive”.. THAT is the reason I will continue to eat this crazy “eating lifestyle” and continue using natural medicine ..

 .. Everything else is just a bonus..


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