This …

Every once in a while something comes along to remind me of the start of our journey we call “Autism”…


As a parent of a kid with special needs.. you have to go through a grieving process.. You have to give up your expectations for your child.. you have to give up those dreams you had FOR them… and it’s hard…

Really hard….

..and then you create new dreams. Ones that feel like you are giving up on them at first…

… but it’s really hard…

People often tell me how strong I am… but.. there isn’t really a choice. I move forward and we push for every goal..

.. and it’s been hard..

…but it was worth it all..

At 19? My son is amazing and I see the dreams he has.. and I see a future that will be good.

…but it’s still hard.. and I remember feeling where this mom is at in the video… and the memory makes my heart hurt.. wondering what My boy would be like if Autism hadn’t altered the course of his life.

.. but for me?

.. for me, I began to think that maybe Autism was supposed to alter mine.

Wherever my son goes?

He spreads happiness and hope through his smiles and his struggles…

… and he doesn’t miss the dreams I had for him at all…

…because you see?

He has his own…


One thought on “This …”

  1. Awhh! Prayers for you. Reading your post took me back on memory lane when I used to teach at a Preschool. I had an autistic child in my class. She was older than the rest but but struggled badly with speech and other developmental growth spurts. She was a little wild child but she was extra loveable and as smart as a whip!! My goodness, some of the things she knew how to do absolutely blew my mind. I was truly amazed. Working with her was hard in the beginning but as time went on, it got easier. All of the time, I thought I was teaching her but really she taught me a lot! A 5 year old. I will forever love me some her! I’ve moved on in life. I work in a totally different field now but I still keep up with my little Emma! Stay strong and be encouraged. It’ll get better 🙂 Great post and thanks for sharing!!

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